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Welcome to my website.

Originally trained as an Architect, I discovered ceramics at the beginning of 2021. 

I never touched clay before but deep down, I knew this would be something I would enjoy. Architecture certainly helped me to throw myself into this wonderful medium and shapes the way I make ceramics

My current work concept centres around conveying an environmental message, seeking to raise awareness about our way of living. 

My primary focus is sculpting endangered and vulnerable species, incorporating small cubes that I call 'pixels,' symbolically representing our part in their gradual disappearance from the world.  It symbolise the influence of our fast-paced digital era, where pixels bring a touch of digital disintegration or digital clay re-formation.

I want to raise awareness about the way our modern way of living is harming our planet. Ceramics, with its centuries-old history, is a resilient natural medium that has withstood the test of time – whilst we often fail to consider the impact of our rapid advances as a species.

Although my work intentionally stays on a small scale to minimise its impact on resources, its underlying message encourages a more sustainable way of living.

Each piece of my ceramics is made with love, laughter, happiness  and with a keen eye for detail to create something special. 

My creativity has no limits and I am always looking forward to the next idea. 

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